girls gone v o g u e

my name is melonee.
I am the fashion addicted starlet that lives off of magazines and ginger ale and writes about all the things you dream about

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If you don’t like it I don’t like it
If you want it this way I can do it
If you want me to change I will
Because I like you
More than like you
If I had to like one thing for the rest of my life it would be you

So when you don’t talk to me, I wonder what I did wrong
When you shrug nonchalantly and brush me off, I think of what I could have done differently
When you don’t recognize me,
I plot of ways to stand out

Because I always recognize you.
I recognize that you can’t really be bothered
But I still feel the need to bother you

Because when you told me you liked my eyes, I believed it
And when you smoked me up after I cried I felt better
And when you kissed between my thighs, nirvana was my home

Tell me what you like,
Tell me what you want
Tell me what you feel
I’ll tell you what you need.
Me. You need me.

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